Finished Packet with hand.jpg


Type: College                 Duration: 3 weeks

"...It would be better if somebody came in to spend time and drink a coffee..."

- Vukasin Nedeljkovic (Photographer + Former Asylum seeker)

A Kit which aims to help integrate people caught in the direct provision system trough form of a game. 

The kit is a dialogue starter that tries to evoke the beginnings of trust between two strangers affected by a trust destroying journey of forced migration. Packaging when opened creates a set of cards which go together with a dice inspired by common cultural symbols associated with different nationalities.

Sketches which informed and planned the final kit

inspired by a game from childhood, Go-Go's, and the typical dice. A symbolic form like the Go-Go's and the side of the dice are combined to create a new piece which has cultural connection and function.

final renders.jpg

Final renders of the Part which allows the player to choose a card when rolled

the final packaging becomes the product itself and the final storage for the cards and dice